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Unico Packing Listed on Metoree

We, Unico Packing, are featured on “Metoree”, a product and manufacturer information comparison site for researchers and engineers.

What Is Metoree?

Metoree is an industrial product comparison site for engineers and researchers. They feature 4,678 categories, including measuring instruments, sensors, printing machinery, tools, and more. The site provides useful information for engineers to compare and select products and manufacturers.

On Metoree, you can learn more about Unico Packing. Please visit our Metoree website for our printing & packaging service. 


Contact: Lisa Lee, Andy Chou

Phone: 0086-13811205110

Tel: 0574-83026853


Add: Liangzhu Village, Gaoqiao Town, Haishu District, Ningbo 315016, Zhejiang, China