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  • Custom Perfume Box Packaging Factory
  • Custom Perfume Box Packaging Factory
  • Custom Perfume Box Packaging Factory
  • Custom Perfume Box Packaging Factory
Custom Perfume Box Packaging Factory Custom Perfume Box Packaging Factory Custom Perfume Box Packaging Factory Custom Perfume Box Packaging Factory Custom Perfume Box Packaging Factory

Custom Perfume Box Packaging Factory

  • Material: 1200gsm cardboard
  • Print: CMYK, Pantone
  • Use: perfume bottle packaging
  • Lead time: 18-20 days
  • Product description: A leading factory in China to produce perfume box packaging. Browse for the common design, or get in touch for a custom box. You're on the right site!

Fashion Design Rigid Box for Perfume Packaging, Box Factory in China

Perfume is a product made by dissolving fragrance ingredients in ethanol and has a fragrant and rich aroma. The main function is to spray on the placket, handkerchief and hairline, etc., to emit a pleasant aroma. It is one of the important cosmetics. Over time, more and more premium perfume box packaging has emerged. Because the luxurious packaging can attract people's attention and get more sales.

Various Material of Perfume Box Packaging

1. white cardboard, ivory board, which is much popular for normal level perfume bottles packaging. The weight of such paper material is usually 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm, 400gsm.

2. coated duplex board with white back, in the middle of such material is grey board. You can choose this style material for promotion perfume, or little bottle perfume, and its cost is much low.

3. kraft paper in brown or white, this material is more eco-friendly, because there is no need of surface treatment like plastic lamination or varnish. White kraft paper is normally 100% recyclable.

4. rigid cardboard paper, usually weight in 1000gsm, 1200gsm, 1500gsm, 1800gsm, it is made of recycled material, but still much sturdy and tough. To make perfume box packaging, there is a need of surface paper for artwork printing, then wrapping to the rigid board.

paper materials for perfume box

Design for Perfume Box

Perfume manufacturers invest a lot in perfume packaging and UNICO have received many orders related to the customization of perfume packaging boxes. Today let's talk about how we design high-end perfume box packaging.

First, consider the smell of perfume. Generally, the packaging should be consistent with the taste, such as rose fragrance, then the packaging will basically use rose color. In this way, the packaging and taste will have a consistent effect, and people will recognize the product more.

Then consider the shape and size of the perfume bottle. Generally, the ordinary box will choose a cube or a cuboid. However, based on the goal of helping merchants increase sales, the packaging factory's customized packaging boxes will have different shapes. For example, there will be packaging boxes that fit the bottle body. Such packaging boxes will make the perfume more prominent, and people will be reluctant to throw away the box after buying the perfume. In this way, the relatives and friends who come will also see it, and achieve the effect of secondary publicity.

perfume box template

Different from the packaging boxes of other products, we will also pay attention to the design of the inner lining for the customization of perfume box packaging. The lining of the general skin care product packaging box is ordinary white cardboard, which only plays a protective role to prevent the bottle from breaking. But for the inner lining of perfume bottle, we will design a heart-to-heart story. Make perfume more warm and attractive. Therefore, the way to sell perfume is to customize the packaging box and design a unique and tasteful packaging box.

perfume paper box design

Unico has been in paper printing & packaging business over 20 years, and we are professional to produce custom print perfume box packaging. If you are looking for any packaging supplier, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our service team will reply to you within 24 hours.


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