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  • Corrugated Box Manufacturers China
  • Corrugated Box Manufacturers China
  • Corrugated Box Manufacturers China
  • Corrugated Box Manufacturers China
Corrugated Box Manufacturers ChinaCorrugated Box Manufacturers ChinaCorrugated Box Manufacturers ChinaCorrugated Box Manufacturers China

Corrugated Box Manufacturers China

  • Material: Corrugated board
  • Print: CMYK/ Pantone
  • Surface: glossy varnish
  • Lead time: 12-15 days
  • Product description: CMYK full color litho printing corrugated box manufacturers from China, RSC (regular slotted case) styled house moving boxes, strong and durable.

Corrugated box is one of the most widely used packaging products. And the amount used has always been the first of various packaging products. Corrugated cardboard is made into corrugated cardboard boxes through die cutting, creasing, nailing or gluing. In addition to protecting commodities, facilitating storage and transportation, it also plays a role in beautifying and promoting commodities. Corrugated boxes are environmentally friendly products, which are good for environmental protection and convenient for loading, unloading and transportation. Unico Packing is one of the leading corrugated box manufacturers from China.

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History of Corrugated Boxes

In 1856, the British brothers Edward Healy and Edward Allen invented the pressurized corrugated paper as the inner lining of the hat to breathe and absorb sweat. In 1871, American Albert Jones invented single-sided corrugated cardboard for packaging glass lampshades and similar fragile items, and obtained the first patent in the United States. By the end of the 19th century, the United States began to study the use of corrugated cardboard to make packaging and shipping boxes.

In 1920, double corrugated cardboard came out, and its use expanded rapidly. During the First World War, corrugated boxes accounted for only 20% of transport packaging. But during the Second World War, corrugated boxes accounted for 80% of transport packaging. Corrugated boxes have now become the most widely used packaging containers in modern commerce and trade, and are also one of the most important packaging forms adopted by countries in the world today.

Technology and Principle of Corrugated Boxes

  1. The printing methods of the printing and packaging industry mainly include: Lithographic offset printing, letterpress printing. Among them, carton water-based printing has higher strength, lower cost, higher production efficiency (fast delivery) than color printing, and the overall printing effect is close to color printing, which is widely used in product transportation and packaging.
  2. The main production process of corrugated boxes: Corrugated board automatic production line, printing process, post-processing and forming process; printing work has basically realized printing, grooving, die-cutting, box gluing, and packaging one-time automatic forming operations.

In Unico Packing factory, we mainly manufacture corrugated boxes in lithographic offset printing. This printing method leads to a beautiful appearance of the packaging boxes. Furthermore, we are one of the leading corrugated box manufacturers in China.

Corrugated cardboard

1. Classified by flute type: A, C, B, E and their combinations, such as: AB flute, BC flute, BBC flute, etc. There are already finer corrugated F flutes in production on the market

2. Classified by the number of base paper layers: two-layer cardboard, three-layer cardboard, four-layer cardboard, five-layer cardboard, seven-layer cardboard, etc.

3. Corrugated Flute; single corrugated cardboard (also called three-layer cardboard): single wall;

double corrugated cardboard (also called five-layer cardboard): double wall;

three-layer corrugated cardboard: triple wall;

The size design of the carton is a very important work in the structural design of the corrugated carton. A qualified carton product must have protection and good shape. Especially for cartons that integrate sales packaging and transportation packaging functions, a reasonable size will be the key to carton design. Because the change in size will directly affect the changes in the various properties of the carton. In short, in the structural design of corrugated boxes, it should be determined according to the manufacturing equipment used, different production processes, corrugated paper composed of different corrugated shapes, and the type and nature of the goods inside. Only after mastering the content related to the structure and size of the design corrugated box, can we manufacture the corrugated box that protects and beautifies the goods.

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Unico Packing has been in printing and packaging business since 2001, and experienced to manufacture corrugated boxes with your design printing. Every year, we manufacture and export millions of packages to the clients. Through decades of hard work, our company has become one of the top corrugated box manufacturers located in China mainland. If you are looking for any packages for electronic products, cosmetic, fruits, etc, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team would reply to you with free quotes on time.