Adhesive Labels

  • Custom Label Printing Shanghai China
  • Custom Label Printing Shanghai China
  • Custom Label Printing Shanghai China
  • Custom Label Printing Shanghai China
  • Custom Label Printing Shanghai China
Custom Label Printing Shanghai ChinaCustom Label Printing Shanghai ChinaCustom Label Printing Shanghai ChinaCustom Label Printing Shanghai ChinaCustom Label Printing Shanghai China

Custom Label Printing Shanghai China

  • Material: Adhesive Label
  • Print: CMYK, Pantone
  • Surface: glossy lamination
  • Lead time:5-7 days
  • Product description: CMYK full color offset print custom label printing made in China factory. Adhesive labels print in Shanghai. Your logo and design colors print are available.

The self-adhesive label is a composite material with paper, film or special material as the fabric, adhesive coated on the back, and silicone-coated paper as the protective paper. After printing, die cutting, etc., it becomes a product label. In application, just peel it off the bottom paper and press it lightly to apply it to the large surface of various substrates, or use a labeling machine to automatically label on the production line. In China, Unico is a leading supplier from Shanghai city to make custom label printing.

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In terms of printing methods, custom label printing usually uses screen printing. In recent years, due to the development of offset printing technology, offset printing is also used for sticker printing. It is necessary to carry out film and plate making before printing. ·In terms of post-press processing technology. Need to go through the necessary cutting. When the design has special needs, some special processing techniques will also be added. But generally speaking, the complexity is not great. For some roll printing non-dry drawing models, it can be formed at one time: printing, filming, bronzing, die cutting and other processes.

Custom label printing, because the main printed products are mainly commodity labels and signs, it is also called trademark printing. Self-adhesive printing uses special composite paper. This paper must be prefabricated by a paper processing plant. After printing, use a knife line to stamp, strip off the blank excess part. Leave a printed matter of a certain shape on the release paper. When using, peel off the finished product and paste it on the product or packaging. In addition to paper, substrates also include metal foil and film.

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Material of custom label printing

1. PET label 

The polyester film label paper is made of fiber materials. Hardness and brittleness are relatively good. It is one of the advanced label papers. And generally it can be applied to more expensive electronic equipment. Such as mobile phone batteries, monitors, air-conditioning compressors, etc. All need to use such advanced labels.

2. PVC labels

Many of the self-adhesive label papers we see on a daily basis are also PVC labels. Its texture should be softer. Some watches, jewelry, metal materials, etc. all use such label paper. Custom label printing on PVC is quite critical. 

3. Thermal label paper

Such a label paper is more suitable for low-voltage print heads for printing. The damage to the print head is relatively small and practical. It is widely used in the food delivery industry.

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In the market, self-adhesive materials are currently sold in rolls. It is printed on a sheet-fed offset press and must be cut to flat sheet of paper. In addition, the self-adhesive paper that has just been cut is curled and needs to be flattened. After being flattened for a long time, it needs to be slapped before printing.

Custom label printing is much popular now. And it's widely used for cosmetics, perfume, wine bottle, electronic products, etc. In China, we Unico is a leading factory to make custom label printing, that means we are able to manufacture the labels with your logo and design colors. If you are looking for any label printing, please don't hesitate to contact us.