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  • Custom Print Foldable Gift Box | Collapsible Rigid Box
  • Custom Print Foldable Gift Box | Collapsible Rigid Box
  • Custom Print Foldable Gift Box | Collapsible Rigid Box
  • Custom Print Foldable Gift Box | Collapsible Rigid Box
  • Custom Print Foldable Gift Box | Collapsible Rigid Box
  • Custom Print Foldable Gift Box | Collapsible Rigid Box
Custom Print Foldable Gift Box | Collapsible Rigid BoxCustom Print Foldable Gift Box | Collapsible Rigid BoxCustom Print Foldable Gift Box | Collapsible Rigid BoxCustom Print Foldable Gift Box | Collapsible Rigid BoxCustom Print Foldable Gift Box | Collapsible Rigid BoxCustom Print Foldable Gift Box | Collapsible Rigid Box

Custom Print Foldable Gift Box | Collapsible Rigid Box

  • Material: Cardboard
  • Print: CMYK, Pantone
  • Surface: Lamination, Hot Stamping
  • Lead time: 12-15 days
  • Product description: Unico offers custom design print foldable gift boxes, collapsible rigid boxes, and more. Your own brand printing is acceptable. Good quality and affordable price.

Custom Foldable Gift Box: Ultimate Guide for Unique Presentations

In the world of gift-giving, presentation is everything. As you search for that perfect gift box to match the sentiment behind the present, custom foldable gift boxes can be an ideal choice. A personalized touch can enhance the overall experience for both the giver and receiver, creating a lasting impression that goes beyond the gift itself.
With custom collapsible rigid boxes, you have the option to select the size, design, and finish that best suit your needs. These boxes are not only visually appealing and unique, but they also offer the practical advantage of being collapsible, making them easy to store when not in use. You'll find that the convenience and elegance of these rigid boxes elevate your gift-giving experience to new heights.
As you explore the various customization options, consider the recipient's tastes and preferences. Additionally, you can choose to have the gift box embody the theme of the gift or event for a cohesive final presentation. Custom foldable gift boxes provide a thoughtful and memorable touch, ensuring that your gift is remembered long after the box has been opened.

Custom Foldable Gift Box Overview

Materials and Construction

When selecting a custom foldable packaging box, it's essential to evaluate the materials and construction. These boxes are typically made from high-quality cardboard or paper stocks, ensuring durability and a premium feel.
Some key features to look for include:
  1. Cardboard thickness: Thicker materials provide better protection for your gifts.
  2. Laminated finishes: This adds an extra layer of protection and can give a glossy or matte appearance.
  3. Eco-friendly materials: If you value sustainability, choose boxes made from recycled or responsibly-sourced materials.

Styles and Designs

Custom foldable gift boxes come in various styles and designs, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs and preferences. Consider the following options:
  1. Box shapes: Square, rectangular, and other unique shapes cater to different gift dimensions.
  2. Printed designs: You can personalize the box with your company logo, text, or other custom artwork.
  3. Embellishments: Adding ribbons, bows, or other decorations elevates the overall look of your gift box.
By considering these aspects, you will ensure your foldable gift box provides the perfect presentation for any occasion.

custom foldable cardboard box

Custom Made Foldable Cardboard Box

Personalization Options

Printing Techniques

When it comes to custom foldable gift boxes, various printing techniques can help achieve the desired design. Some popular options include:
  1. Offset printing: This technique offers high-quality, consistent image reproduction and is ideal for large volume production. You can play with a wide range of colors and finish options to create the perfect aesthetic for your gift box and rigid packaging box.
  2. Digital printing: If you're looking for a cost-effective and quick-printing solution, digital printing is the way to go. This option is perfect for smaller orders and allows you to print intricate, high-resolution designs.
  3. Letterpress printing: For a unique, tactile feel, try letterpress printing. This method creates an embossed effect on the gift box, giving it a vintage and sophisticated charm.


Adding embellishments is another way to enhance the personalized appeal of your custom foldable gift box. Here are some popular modifications you can consider:
  1. Foil stamping: This technique adds a touch of luxury and elegance to your collapsible gift boxes by incorporating reflective, metallic foils.
  2. Spot UV: Add an extra layer of depth and contrast to your design with spot UV coating. It creates a glossy, textured effect on specific areas of the folding gift boxes.
  3. Die-cutting: Unleash your creativity by using die-cutting to create custom shapes and window panes. This will give your rigid gift box a unique visual appeal while showcasing the contents inside.
  4. Embossing or debossing: These methods add a three-dimensional effect to your design. By raising (embossing) or lowering (debossing) specific areas, you can create a tactile and visually appealing package.
With these personalization options, you can effortlessly create a custom foldable gift box that showcases your brand and leaves a lasting impression on the recipient.

hot stamping rigid gift box

Gold Foil Hot Stamping Foldable Gift Box

How to Order Foldable Rigid Boxes

Choosing the Right Size and Style

Before starting the customization process, you need to consider the size and style of the collapsible rigid box that best suits your needs. Browse through available options and visualize how your items will fit into the box. Select a box that will:
  1. Be large enough to accommodate your items without being overly spacious
  2. Have a suitable style to match the occasion and your preferences

Creating a Design

Once you've determined the perfect size and style, it's time to create a design for your custom collapsible rigid boxes:
  1. Choose your color: Select from a variety of colors to complement your design and theme. Make sure the color you choose works well with your logo or branding, if applicable.
  2. Pick a material: Consider the materials available for your box. Common options include cardboard, paper, or plastic.
  3. Select finishing touches: Decide on any additional elements for your box, such as ribbons, embellishments, or custom tags.

Placing an Order

After finalizing your design, you can place an order for your custom foldable gift boxes. Here's a quick overview of the ordering process:
  1. Review your design: Double-check all elements of your design, including the size, style, color, and additional features, to ensure everything is correct.
  2. Request a quote: Contact the supplier with your design specifications and request a quote for your order. Be sure to include the quantity you need and any deadlines you have.
  3. Submit your order: Once you have received a quote and are satisfied with the price, submit your order and payment as per the supplier's instructions.
  4. Receive your custom boxes: After production is complete, your custom foldable gift boxes will be shipped to you. Check the quality of the boxes upon delivery to ensure they meet your expectations.

foldable top bottom box

Foldable Top Bottom Box | Collapsible Rigid Box

Benefits of Custom Foldable Gift Boxes


By choosing custom foldable gift boxes, you play a part in protecting the environment. These boxes are made from eco-friendly materials like recycled paper and cardboard, reducing your carbon footprint. Moreover, being foldable, they consume less space for transportation and storage, resulting in lower energy consumption and emissions.


Custom foldable gift boxes prove to be a cost-effective packaging solution for your business. Since they're lightweight and collapsible, shipping costs are minimized. Plus, being reusable and recyclable, these gift boxes provide value for both you and your customers, who can repurpose them for their needs.

Easy to Assemble

One of the main advantages of custom foldable gift boxes is the ease of assembly. These boxes come flat-packed, saving storage space, and can be easily put together in just a few seconds. With simple folding and locking mechanisms, you'll save time and effort in preparing your gifts, making them perfect for your packaging needs.

glossy color folding gift box

Glossy Color Folding Gift Box | Foldable Mailer Box

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I assemble a foldable gift box?

To assemble a foldable cardboard gift box, first lay it flat with the printed side facing down. Remove the surface paper of double-sided adhesive tapes in four corners. Lift the sides and gently fold in the corners, locking them in place. Finally, close the lid by tucking in the flaps. The process should be quick and easy without any need for additional tools or adhesives.

2. What materials are commonly used for custom foldable gift boxes?

Foldable gift boxes are typically made from sturdy materials like cardboard, thick paper, or corrugated fiberboard. The surface may be coated with a gloss or matte finish for a professional look. The specific materials used may vary depending on the supplier or manufacturer, as well as the desired aesthetics and budget.

3. How do I personalize a foldable gift box to make it more memorable?

Personalizing your foldable gift box can be achieved through various methods, including custom printing, foil stamping, or embossing. You can choose from a wide array of designs, images, and text to create a unique look. Some suppliers even offer options to add your own logo or artwork, ensuring that your gift box is truly one-of-a-kind.

4. What sizes are available for custom foldable gift boxes?

Custom foldable gift boxes come in various sizes to accommodate different gift items. Common sizes include small, medium, and large boxes, as well as those specifically designed for certain products, such as wine bottles or jewelry. Many foldable rigid box suppliers offer the option to choose from their available dimensions or request custom sizes to fit your specific needs.

5. Are custom foldable gift boxes eco-friendly and recyclable?

Many foldable gift boxes are made from eco-friendly and recyclable materials such as cardboard or paper. Some suppliers use materials sourced from sustainably managed forests, ensuring a lower environmental impact. To further support sustainability, you can inquire about the recyclability or biodegradability of the materials used in the boxes you choose.

6. Where can I purchase custom foldable gift boxes?

Custom foldable gift boxes can be purchased through various sources such as online retailers, packaging suppliers, or local print shops. To find the best option for your needs, compare product offerings, customization options, pricing, and customer reviews. Don't hesitate to reach out to companies directly to inquire about specific details or negotiate for the best possible deal. Unico Printing is a foldable gift box manufactuer in China, and we can make your 100% customized collapsible gift boxes with your own brand design printing.


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