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  • Custom Print Metallic Paper Box
  • Custom Print Metallic Paper Box
  • Custom Print Metallic Paper Box
  • Custom Print Metallic Paper Box
  • Custom Print Metallic Paper Box
  • Custom Print Metallic Paper Box
Custom Print Metallic Paper BoxCustom Print Metallic Paper BoxCustom Print Metallic Paper BoxCustom Print Metallic Paper BoxCustom Print Metallic Paper BoxCustom Print Metallic Paper Box

Custom Print Metallic Paper Box

  • Material: Metallic Paper
  • Print: custom design
  • Surface: UV Print
  • Lead time: 12-15 days
  • Product description: Unico offers custom print metallic paper boxes with your brand artwork. The metallic finish and visual effect bring your packaging to the next level. Good quality at an affordable price.

Custom Metallic Paper Box: Innovative Packaging Solutions

Custom metallic paper boxes have been growing in popularity, offering a unique and visually appealing packaging option for a variety of products. As you explore the world of custom packaging, you may find that metallic paper boxes can elevate your brand and create a lasting impression on your customers.
The creation of a metallic paper packaging box begins with choosing the right material and design. With a range of metallic finishes, patterns, and colors available, you can easily customize the box to match your brand's aesthetic. Aside from their attractive appearance, these boxes are also highly functional, providing protection and showcasing your products to potential customers.
Furthermore, the versatility of custom metallic paper boxes makes them suitable for a wide array of industries, including cosmetics, confectionery, and luxury gift items. As you continue to read, you will gain valuable insights into the advantages of using metallic paper boxes for your products and the various customization options available.

Custom Metallic Paper Box Overview

Custom metallic paper boxes are a great choice when it comes to packaging and presenting your products. These eye-catching boxes are made of high-quality paper that's coated with a thin layer of metallic film, which gives them a luxurious metallic sheen. In this section, we'll cover some of the benefits and advantages of custom metallic paper boxes and explore the applications and use cases to help you understand why they might be the perfect option for your packaging needs.

Benefits and Advantages

  1. Aesthetics: Metallic paper boxes have a striking appearance that can easily grab your customers' attention. The metallic finish adds a touch of sophistication, making your products stand out on the shelves.
  2. Customization: You can configure these boxes to match your specific needs, such as dimensions and colors. You can also add your branding or artwork to further distinguish your packaging.
  3. Durability: Metallic paper boxes are sturdy, providing protection for your products during shipping and handling. They're also resistant to moisture, bending, and tearing.

Applications and Use Cases

  1. Cosmetics and beauty products: The elegant appearance of custom metallic paper packaging boxes is perfect for showcasing high-end cosmetics, perfumes, and skincare products.
  2. Confectionery: Chocolates, candies, and other sweet treats will have an extra appeal when presented in these shiny boxes.
  3. Gift packaging: The elevated appearance of a metallic paper box makes it an ideal choice for gift packaging in various occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.
  4. Fashion and apparel: Use metallic paper boxes for stylish packaging of accessory items like jewelry, watches, and sunglasses.
In conclusion, custom metallic paper boxes provide numerous advantages for businesses to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of their product packaging. The premium look, customization options, and durability these boxes offer make them the perfect fit for a wide range of applications.

metallic paper cosmetic boxes

Metallic Paper Cosmetic Packaging Box | Inside Printing Boxes

Materials and Production Techniques

Paper Types

When creating your custom metallic paper box, you can choose from various types of paper, such as cardstock, kraft paper, and corrugated paper. Each paper type has its unique properties that influence the durability, weight, and appearance of the final product:

  1. Cardstock: This thick, sturdy material is ideal for creating a premium look and feel, providing stability and protection to the contents. It ranges from 14-24 points in thickness.
  2. Kraft paper: This eco-friendly option is lightweight and has a natural brown color. It's a cost-effective choice with a rustic, organic appearance and is available in various thicknesses.
  3. Corrugated paper: This material comprises fluted layers sandwiched between liner sheets, providing a lightweight yet durable structure. It's perfect for heavier products requiring extra protection.

Metallic Coatings and Finishes

To achieve the desired metallic effect for your paper box, you can opt for different coating and finishing techniques such as:

  1. Foil stamping: This technique uses heat and pressure to apply a thin metallic foil to the paper. It's an excellent choice for adding a touch of luxury to your box design and is available in a wide range of colors.
  2. Metallic ink printing: In this method, metallic particles are mixed with regular ink to create a shiny, reflective finish. It's suitable for printing intricate designs and patterns on your custom box.
  3. Metallic paper lamination: This involves laminating a thin, metallic film onto the paper surface. It provides a seamless, consistent sheen across the entire box and is available in various colors and finishes.

When selecting the appropriate coating or finishing technique, consider the overall aesthetic you want to achieve, the durability and protection you require, and your budget constraints.

hot stamping metallic paper box

Metallic Paper Box with Hot Stamping Logo

Design and Customization Options

Printing Techniques

When it comes to customizing your metallic paper box, you have several printing techniques at your disposal. You can choose from:
  1. Offset printing: This technique offers high-quality, consistent prints and is ideal for large-volume orders.
  2. Digital printing: For smaller orders, digital printing offers quick turnaround times and lower costs.
  3. Silk screen printing: This method allows for vibrant colors and can be used to create unique effects on your box.
  4. Hot foil stamping: Give your box a luxury look with this technique that adds shiny, reflective elements to your design.

Box Styles and Shapes

Your custom metallic paper box can be created in various styles and shapes, such as:
  1. Tuck-end boxes: These are simple and elegant, perfect for retail packaging.
  2. Two-piece boxes: Comprising a separate lid and base, these boxes provide a more premium feel.
  3. Sleeve boxes: This style features a sliding sleeve that reveals the contents inside.
  4. Mailer boxes: Choose this style if you want a box that can be easily shipped and withstand transportation.
Each box style can be further customized to fit your desired dimensions and preferences.
Remember, the choice of shape and style should not only be visually appealing but also functional in protecting your product and easy to open and close for the consumer.

Tuck End Metallic Paper Boxes

Tuck End Metallic Paper Boxes

two pieces metallic rigid box

Two Pieces Metallic Rigid Box with Texture

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

Recyclability and Reusability

When you choose custom metallic paper boxes, rest assured that you're making an eco-friendly choice. These boxes can easily be recycled due to their paper material composition. Encourage your customers to recycle the boxes and provide them with the information they need to do so effectively.
Moreover, the metallic finish on these boxes doesn't compromise their reusability. Your customers will find numerous ways to repurpose these boxes, from storage solutions to creative DIY projects, prolonging their life and reducing waste.

Sustainable Production Practices

You want to work with metallic paper box manufacturers that prioritize the environment. Opt for suppliers who use sustainable production practices in crafting your custom metallic paper boxes. Inquire about:
  1. Sourcing: Choose companies that source their paper from certified sustainable forests and use eco-friendly metallic coatings.
  2. Inks: Eco-friendly inks, such as soy or vegetable-based inks, are preferable over petroleum-based inks. These inks emit fewer volatile organic compounds and are more sustainable.
  3. Energy-Efficient Processes: Be aware of manufacturers' production processes and opt for those that aim to reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption.
  4. Waste Management: Align with businesses that minimize waste and use measures such as recycling, reducing, and reusing during production.
By considering these sustainable practices, you're not only enhancing your brand's eco-friendly image but also playing your part in protecting the planet.

hologram metallic paper box

Custom Design Print Hologram Metallic Paper Boxes

Packaging and Shipping

Protective Measures

When creating your custom metallic paper box, it's important to prioritize the safety of the products inside. To achieve this, consider using cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, foam inserts, or crumpled paper to protect the contents. Furthermore, choose a sturdy box design that can withstand the pressures of shipping. Don't forget to seal the box securely with tape to avoid any issues during transportation.

Transportation and Logistics

The process of shipping your custom paper boxes is crucial to ensuring a positive experience for your customers. To do this, you should:
  1. Research and select reliable shipping carriers
  2. Offer different shipping options (e.g., standard, expedited, overnight)
  3. Clearly display shipping rates and delivery time estimates on your website
Keep track of your inventory and regularly update it to avoid any delays or issues in fulfilling orders. It's also helpful to provide tracking information for your customers, so they’re aware of their package's progress.


In today's eco-conscious world, many customers appreciate sustainable packaging solutions. To enhance your custom metallic paper box's appeal, consider using eco-friendly materials or incorporating reusable elements into the design. Additionally, selecting a shipping carrier with a focus on environmentally-friendly practices can further showcase your commitment to reduce your business's ecological impact.

UV Print Metallic Paper Packaging Boxes

Custom UV Print Metallic Paper Packaging Boxes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best material for a custom metallic paper box?

The best material for a custom metallic paper box depends on your needs and preferences. Metallic paperboard and metallized PET film laminated paperboard are popular choices. Both materials are recyclable and offer a sleek, premium finish to your boxes. Consider factors like cost, durability, and appearance when selecting a material for your custom metallic paper box.

2. How durable are metallic paper boxes compared to regular ones?

Metallic paper boxes offer enhanced durability compared to conventional paper boxes. The metallic coating adds an extra layer of protection, making the boxes more resistant to tears, creases, and moisture. However, they may not be as sturdy as corrugated cardboard boxes, so consider the intended use and the level of protection needed when choosing a metallic paper box.

3. Where can I find wholesale suppliers for metallic paper gift boxes?

You can easily find wholesale suppliers for metallic paper gift boxes online. Many suppliers offer customizable options for size, color, and design. Compare prices, material options, and customer reviews to find a reliable and cost-effective supplier for your custom metallic paper boxes.

4. What industries commonly use custom metallic paper boxes?

Various industries use custom metallic paper boxes, including the cosmetics, food, retail, and electronics sectors. Metallic paper boxes give a premium, high-quality appearance, making them an excellent option for packaging luxury products or promotional items.

5. What are some creative ways to design a metallic paper box?

To make your metallic paper box stand out, consider features like embossing, UV coating, or foil stamping. You can also experiment with creative patterns, textures, and color combinations. Make sure to consult with your box supplier to ensure the design is practical and achievable with the materials you have chosen.

6. How to choose the right size and shape for a custom metallic paper box?

Determine the dimensions of the items you want to package, and make sure your custom metallic paper box is slightly larger to accommodate them. Always consider the box's purpose, storage space, and shipping requirements when determining the size and shape. Consult with your box supplier to help you find the perfect fit for your specific needs.


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