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What are the characteristics of the tape sealing machine?

Referred to the tape sealing machine, presumably everyone is no strange, for packaging equipment, belonging to equipment accessories. It refers to the use of instant tape to seal the carton seal, economical and easy to adjust, can complete the upper and lower sealing action at one time, can also use printing tape, can improve the product image, is the first choice for automated packaging enterprises. The key component of the cartoner is the drive motor. The greater the motor power, the better. So, what are its characteristics? Let's let the Chinese paper industry Xiaobian introduce it to everyone.
1. Adopt high-strength gripping PVC tape to drive the upper and lower sides of the carton, the transmission is stable, and the tape is sealed and centered;
2. The sealing action of the four corner seams of the carton can be realized according to the size of the carton;
3. Adjust the height and width of the carton with an electric device;
4. using a pneumatic device to achieve automatic sealing of the carton four corner tape;
5. the tape sealing is flat, firm, standardized, beautiful, and will not tear the box.


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