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Avoid the problem of self-adhesive printing

In order to avoid the printing failure of the self-adhesive label caused by the quality problem of the self-adhesive material itself, it is necessary to carefully check the appearance quality of the self-adhesive material before the printing process. Defects that may cause problems in the quality of the printing process can be found in time before printing. 

1. Check whether the self-adhesive material has burrs: the edge of the self-adhesive material of the reel is smooth and non-destructive, which is the basis for ensuring the printing quality of the self-adhesive label. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check the self-adhesive material of the reel before printing. Whether there are burrs on the edge of the slit, whether it is damaged due to improper storage and transportation, and the roller self-adhesive material should be rolled down 4-5 times, and the slitting edge is carefully inspected. 

2, check whether there are cracks on the self-adhesive material; 

3, check whether the edge of the self-adhesive material is stuck, whether the bottom paper is leaked with silicon; 

4, check whether the end face of the self-adhesive material of the reel is straight, rewinding and elastic Consistency: If the slit end faces of the reel self-adhesive material are not uniform, it will not only affect the registration during printing, but also cause difficulty in discharging due to the change of the die-cut position; when the rewinding is inconsistent, it will cause printing. Paper force changes and uneven tension can also cause problems with the quality of printed sticker paper.


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