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Analysis of the label printing market in China

Labels can be said to be a bright spot in the printing industry in recent years, with rapid development, especially self-adhesive labels. A complete industrial chain has been formed in China. The status of label printing in the market is gradually being valued by people. From a global perspective, North America and Europe are the regions with the most developed labels. Asia has the fastest growth rate. Among them, China is the fastest growing country.

Adhesive label Printing

In North America, self-adhesive labels have been widely used in food, beverage, clothing and other fields. In the label market, self-adhesive labels occupy a dominant position. In Europe, self-adhesive labels account for about 45%. It is currently used in daily chemicals, medicine, supermarket logistics, electronics, tires, and lubricant industries.

The development of self-adhesive labels in China is quite fast, with an annual growth rate of about 20%. Far higher than the national economy's average growth rate of 7%-9%. It is also much higher than the average annual growth rate of 5% to 6% in the self-adhesive label market in European and American countries. Although the growth rate is amazing, compared with the mature self-adhesive label market in developed countries, the annual per capita self-adhesive label consumption is only 0.5-0.6㎡, compared with the per capita annual consumption of more than ten square meters in Europe and America ( The annual average per capita in the United States is 17-18). In China, self-adhesive label market still has a lot of room for growth and development potential.

Shrink label Printing

The shrink label market is undergoing rapid growth. The market share continues to expand. The annual growth rate is expected to remain between 7% and 10%. It far exceeds the annual growth rate of 4%-5% in the ordinary label market. The development potential is huge. The main application area of shrink labels is the beverage industry. In addition, the growth momentum in the food, health products and personal care products industry is also very strong.
The shrink label is very adaptable. It can be used on plastic, wood, paper, metal, glass, ceramic and other packaging containers. The commonly used film materials for shrink labels mainly include PVC, PET, PETG, OPS, OPP, etc. They have their own characteristics in terms of shrinkage characteristics and environmental protection. Comprehensive consideration should be given to the specific application of the product when selecting. For example, PET materials are environmentally friendly. It plays an important role in the European market where recycling and reuse are very important.

RFID tags Printing

The application fields of RFID tags continue to expand. Quickly penetrate into various fields. The trials and practical applications of RFID tags in logistics and warehousing, manufacturing, commercial retail, commodity anti-counterfeiting, transportation, national defense and military are gradually being launched. For example, the global retail giant Wal-Mart requires its suppliers to attach RFID tags to their products.

China started late in this regard, and is still in its infancy in the RFID tag market. There is a considerable gap between the application of RFID and the international market. For example, the frequency of RFID tags has been basically determined in Europe, North America and some parts of Asia, but China has not yet approved it. Moreover, the domestic market has problems such as weak basic research and development capabilities, insufficient corporate participation in standardization, and mostly domestic companies holding a wait-and-see attitude.


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