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Grow your business by choosing the right Wine Label Factory

Do you believe people drink with their eyes? That is the saying in the beverage industry and is much practical among wine manufacturers. It motivates the hefty budget allocation for a custom wine label for the different wine tastes they push to shelves.

An appealing wine label looks beautiful in the eye and can induce an irresistible craving in a potential buyer. A wine label design can create a mentality of a better taste compelling a buyer to purchase the wine. The variety of wines in the market competing for the buyer’s attention is ever rising. The competition among wineries is stiff. Every wine factory is fighting to stand out by initiating a couple of subtle techniques. Wine labeling is one of the top strategies that wine factories are using to cope with fierce competition.


An excellent wine label design drives in more sales.

Using a custom wine label on distinctive packaging boxes can spark a great visual experience leaving a first, appealing, and lasting wine impression on your customers and prospective buyers. You might think of seeking the services of a wine label factory to be your wine label supplier.

Why does your winery need a wine label supplier?

Intriguing wine label designs are the secret trigger behind the billion-dollar wine business. Most consumers grab their favorite wine over the shelf, courtesy of what they see. Having a wine label supplier within reach can be the power driving more sales to your business by incorporating creative designs for the different customers you target.


Get labels that match your different selling prices

As a wine manufacturer, you target different sets of customers based on their social or economic class and many other factors. For some customers, the price is not an issue; the kind of wine they can get is a big deal. Such customer has a quest for prestige. You need a label that will quench the prestigious desire of such customers. To another customer segment, price is the main issue; they need the best wine at the price they can afford. Your winery needs a label that will appeal to such low spenders.

A wine label factory can use a wine label template to maintain the consistency of your brand and ensure you effectively target and sell to the different customer segments using a custom wine label for your wine products.


Tell your buyer the story of your wine

Focusing on the vintage on a wine label as a form of attracting a consumer is dying out. Modern-day wine labeling requires a rational and emotional engagement with the consumer. Andrew Floor, Treasury's brand and digital marketing Vice President affirm the necessity of storytelling as a strategic move in creating a personal touch between the brand and the consumer.

Your wine label supplier will provide you with the designs that will breathe life into the story of your wine. People like a label that is “human.” Human here means an inspirational label, and they can relate and gain the motivation to ask for your packaged wine from the shelf.


Get your customer’s attention

You need excellent labels to get your customer’s attention. Findings from a recent study that analyzed 20 brands of wine reported startling results. The study used eye-tracking technology to examine the impact of label visibility towards consumers – 57% of the consumers saw the bottle with the most visible label within the first few seconds. The chances of consumers purchasing a wine they can hardly notice are slim.

Grab the attention of your consumers by making your wine bottles more conspicuous using a design that will seize their eyes on the first contact. That first sight can make a potential customer receptive or repulsive.

The more your label designs catch the attention of consumers, the higher the chances of making more sales.

The label should always compel a consumer to purchase the wine. Working with a wine label factory will provide you with an assessment and a design that will reflect the personality of your brand and efficiently reach the heart of a consumer with the right target message.


Make them buy again

As you evaluate your options of picking on a wine factory, one of your objectives is to make your customers buy again. A statistical finding reveals that there is a 52% chance of a consumer repurchasing the same product provided the packaging was excellent.

What is good packaging without a winning label?

The choice of your label design can make or break the attachment you seek to make with the consumer. Remember, you are one of the many options that the consumers have when they visit wine stores.

As you do business, one of your objectives is to make profits. The faster you make the sales, the better for your business because consumers also think about the brand name when they make the purchase.

Utilize custom labels from a wine label factory to leverage sales. Let your labels speak for your brand. In addition to giving your consumers tasty wine to keep them coming back, hook them more with the secret weapon, an intriguing custom label for your packaging items.


What is the millennial drinker looking for?

Whereas every wine producer seeks to appeal the millennial drinker, most are missing the target. The main drawback is that they don’t know what the millennial drinker is looking for.

The millennial drinker is looking for authenticity. Labels with weird or celebrity names don’t seem to bear fruits. Most women purchase their wine from supermarket outlets, and they consider labels as an important insight when deciding the kind of bottle to add to their shopping basket.Consider a wine label supplier that will provide labels that would appeal to such targets.


Keep in mind

The labels for your wine product will attract the consumer to check out your product on the store shelves. It is ideal to consider the color schemes and the choice of design that will appeal most to the target consumer.

Promote your wine products with the label design to facilitate the purchase decision from the consumer. Differentiate your brand from other brands and help consumers to identify your products from the wide array of competitor products in stock. Memorable designs make it easier for customers to remember your products increasing the potential to make sales. Customers tend to be conservative and loyal to familiar products.


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