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In order to upgrade the grade of their wine products, wine manufacturers have introduced wine stickers. Its appearance is exquisite, the labeling is neat and generous, and the products after posting are noble. Most of the foreign wine products used self-adhesive labeling as early as 10 years ago. However, if the self-adhesive label is manually labeled, it is difficult for the operator to stick it up. If it is not correct, because the sticker is very sticky, remove the label that not only tears the label but also adheres to the bottle. Paper is difficult to clean and productivity is not improved.

The introduction of self-adhesive stickers in the wine industry and the advent of self-adhesive labeling machines have solved the problem of traditional cold-adhesive label paper labeling and curling. While the majority of wine users in China continue to improve the intrinsic quality of their wine products, the aesthetics of the wine packaging is also improved. With the improvement of people's living standards and the appreciation of wine, the self-adhesive wine label will be promoted and popular, and will add a beautiful landscape to the future wine industry.

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Under this circumstance, in order to meet the needs of wine manufacturers with different production and different labeling requirements, the self-adhesive labeling machine for the wine industry was born for the characteristics of the wine industry. The principle of this labeling machine is that during the labeling process, the label paper is directly peeled off from the wine label Shanghai and then attached to the bottle, eliminating the intermediate link of the cold glue labeling machine to transfer the label paper during labeling. The gauge length error is reduced and the accuracy is greatly improved.

The self-adhesive sticker machine has the advantages of being clean and hygienic, not moldy, beautiful and firm after labeling, does not fall off by itself, and has high production efficiency. Since then, stickers have been easier.

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Here in China, Unico is a leading company to manufacture OEM design wine label rolls, which can be automatically stick to wine bottles. In Unico, they are able to add many artworks to the label stickers, such as gold/ silver hot stamping, logo embossing, lamination, etc. These disposal would help make your wine sticker much luxurious. Furthermore, Unico has quite short lead time to urgent orders. Welcome to contact for your project price.


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