Multilayer Label Sticker Printing China

Multi-layer labels are a highlight of the sticker industry. Why do you say that?

First, multilayer labels can be divided into two types: multilayer composite labels and multilayer folded labels.

  1. Multi-layer composite label, It is also a multi-layer stacking type, multi-layer page turning type label. The layers are superimposed and compounded, and the appearance looks similar to ordinary stickers, but the labels can be repeatedly torn and bonded separately, which is similar to turning pages in a book.
  2. Multi-layer folding labels, spring-type, wave-type, "accordion" -type folding labels, and multi-layer instruction labels. To uncover the first layer of the label, you can pull off the multi-layer label below, or some of the first layer can be opened at two ends, and the two ends are folded and closed, and the effect looks like one.

multilayer label printing China

Next, we talk about the three market advantages of multilayer labels
  1. Developed countries are mainly used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. In the process of commodities circulation, these two industries are related to the vital interests of consumers and are also the most sensitive topics. In particular, the safety and hygiene requirements of commodities are extremely high, and multilayer labels, as a major feature in the field of labels, have an irreplaceable role in product packaging in these two aspects.
  2. Widely used in cosmetics, daily necessities, children's products, toys, electronic appliances industry, supermarkets, logistics, anti-counterfeiting industries.
  3. At present, the proportion of multi-layer labels in the domestic market is not very large, and the proportion of the label printing industry in foreign countries cannot be underestimated. It has become a mainstream label.

With the development of the market and the conscious requirements of consumers, multilayer labels will become a trend, and the requirements for the printing process will increase. Unico Printing said that it will continue to meet the customization needs of more consumers and strive for excellence, so as to win the bigger market.


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