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Custom print sushi takeout paper boxes are specially designed packaging solutions for sushi restaurants and takeout services. These boxes are made from high-quality paper materials that are food-safe and eco-friendly. The custom printing feature allows businesses to showcase their brand logo, artwork, or promotional messages on the boxes, creating a unique and personalized packaging experience for customers. Unico Packing is a leading manufacturer to make the sushi takeout paper boxes with your brand design printing.

Sushi takeout paper boxes, also known as sushi to-go boxes, come in various sizes and styles to accommodate different types of sushi orders. They are designed to securely hold and protect the sushi rolls, nigiri, sashimi, or other sushi items during transportation. The boxes often feature a foldable design with easy-to-use tabs or closures for convenient assembly and closure.

Advantages of Custom Print Sushi Takeout Box

The custom printing on these boxes serves multiple purposes. And sushi takeout box with your own logo printing bring your brand to next level.

  1. It helps in brand recognition by displaying the restaurant's logo or name prominently.
  2. It also enhances the overall presentation of the sushi, making it more appealing to customers.
  3. Additionally, businesses can use custom print sushi takeout paper boxes as a marketing tool by including promotional messages, special offers, or social media handles on the packaging.
  4. These custom print sushi takeout paper boxes not only provide a professional and attractive packaging solution but also contribute to sustainability efforts. Many manufacturers offer eco-friendly options made from recyclable materials to minimize environmental impact.

Overall, custom print sushi takeout paper boxes offer a practical and visually appealing way for sushi restaurants to package their products while promoting their brand identity and engaging with customers.

Sushi is a traditional Japanese cuisine. In ancient Japan sushi was salted fish marinated in salt and rice. Later evolved into today’s sushi. The ingredients can be raw, cooked, or pickled. It seems that the difference in ingredients makes the price and grade of sushi vary widely.

Sushi in Japan is mainly made and sold by specialized sushi restaurants. The chefs in white overalls in the store will cut the skinless fresh fish into slices and place other good ingredients on the rice cubes of equal width according to the customer's request. Because of the different colors of the raw meat of various types of fish and shrimp, the sushi is also colorful and very beautiful.

sushi takeout box

Nowadays, because of COVID-19 many restaurants were closed, and people can only buy the sushi of takeout service. The owners of the restaurants think of the sushi takeout box made of paper with insert for people to take sushi home. Thereafter they can share the sushi with the family, or their friends.

At the beginning, plastic tray sushi box was much popular, because of its lower cost, and convenient to load sushi. However, many countries in the world have begun to implement plastic restrictions. So many people began to choose paper material as their packaging solution. As soon as this kind of sushi takeout box went on the market, it won the love of customers.

sushi takeout box factory

This styled sushi takeout box is made of white paperboard, and it can customized printing with your logo and design artwork. Furthermore, on the lid part, you can choose to make a plastic window, just like the image above. You can put the sushi into the boxes, and put them on the shelf. People come to the restaurants, and see through the window what's inside to choose the one they want. It's a quite good choice. To use this sushi paper box, it can also save the storage space, because it's shipped out from China flat, and you can assemble them when people buy the sushi takeout service. Of course, it's much easy to fold the sushi box. Any doubts about it, please let us know to show you by videos. No worries.

Image above was taken by a client from USA country, and they shared the pictures, and good comments to the box design. Their restaurant was restricted to a certain number of people coming in for Doshoku because of COVID-19 problem. So many people go to their shop for sushi takeout box to share the delicious food.

In our factory, it's possible to make the sushi takeout box with your logo and design colors printing. No problem. Welcome to contact us for free quotes. Our service team would come back to you on time with price.


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