Fashion Design Window Packaging Boxes

Paper product packaging is the most used type of packaging industrial products. Carton is the most important form of transportation packaging. The cartons are widely used as sales packaging for various products such as food, medicine, and electronics. With the changes in transportation methods and sales methods, the styles of cartons and cartons are becoming more diversified. Among them, window packaging boxes are quite popular to pack the products, for its transparent cutout to see through.

To a large extent, carton packaging uses its exquisite shape and decoration to promote and beautify products and improve the competitiveness of products. Since the shape and structure design of the carton are often determined by the shape and characteristics of the packaged goods, there are many styles and types, including rectangles, squares, polygons, special-shaped cartons, cylinders, etc., but the manufacturing process is basically The same, that is, select material-design icon-manufacturing template-stamping-joining to form a box.

window packaging boxes

Material for window packaging boxes

1. SBS/ white cardboard are widely used to make packaging boxes with window. People would like to use this style packaging boxes for cosmetics, toys, electronics, etc.

2. To make the boxes stronger, E flute corrugated board is the material for window packaging boxes. You can many toys packaging boxes are using such style material. On the surface, the paper is printed with custom design artwork, and glossy laminated. Through the clear plastic window, you can see what's inside the package. It's a quite useful packaging design for toys package.

3. For luxury cosmetics packaging, you can also choose rigid paperboard to make the packaging boxes. The thickness of such paperboard is various, usually 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm. The engineer would like to recommend the material according to your box dimensions. People in the supermarket can see through the packaging boxes window to get a rough idea of the products.

toys packaging box

Choose Window Packaging Boxes that can Increase your Sales

Window packaging boxes with vibrant and vivacious color schemes attract the people. The design and style of the packaging boxes also matter a lot in the package. It's certain that custom color printed packaging boxes increase your sale and demand. In Unico factory, that's possible to make every packaging box with your logo and design colors printing. Of course, also no problem to have the clear plastic window cutout. Unico packing has heaps of design and style for your window packaging boxes. The choice in stylish printing can make your packaging much luxury.

rigid window packaging boxes

Unico Packing now achieved the status of renowned and well-established packaging companies. We are able to manufacture your order at the cheapest rates and offer you amazing and affordable deals. In our factory, you can customize your window packaging boxes in bulk, and have the relish of economy offers. Of course, we will also use high-quality material for your order. We have a wide range of boxes styles, and our designers can make the diecut template according to your requested dimensions. This way, you can embed your logo and design colors easily. Welcome to contact us for free quotes of your custom packaging boxes.


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