Rolling Floor Stand Sneeze Guard, Clear Plastic Sneeze Shield Factory

Floor standing sneeze guard is a perfect solution to divide your space and shield contamination without obstructing your view. It can be easily put away for storage.

Floor Standing Clear Plastic Sneeze Shield with Powder-Coated Aluminum Frame.

clear plastic sneeze shield

Features of the Social Distancing Plastic Screen

1, Protection Screen ideal for separating people, desks, tables or chairs and creating partitions, barriers or dividers in almost anyindustry, situation, encironment or spave

2, Easy to Clean To ensure your safety, it is recommended to set the frequency of cleaning the protective cover according to the flow of people. Wipe it with alcohol 1-2 times a day.

3, clear film sneeze guard is an essential safety barrier which prevent people from coughing, sneezing or spraying droplets from their nose or mouth onto others with a see-through barrier.

4, 100% After-sales service. We care about each of our customers, If you have any questions about our products, please contact us immediately.

5, Safe use: It has two rotatable feet to achieve firm and firm positioning. The screen is wipeable PVC Plastic, transparent, shatter-resistant which.


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